2018 Divco Convention

2018 Divco Convention


Start time: Thursday 7:00pm (19 July)
End time: Sunday 7:00pm (22 July)


Wednesday: evening gathering with sandwiches and drinks

Thursday and Friday: tours are being arranged to the pierce arrow museum, Niagara falls, local dairy bottling plant with their original 1950's divco, buffalo harbor and grain mills. Other places are open to suggestions!

Saturday: exhibiting trucks at the hamburger festival in Hamburg New York

Saturday evening: convention dinner

Passports are required if you want to enter Canada. If you have been arrested or have any other concerns about being able to enter, contact the Canadian government first. If you are bringing children with you, check with Canadian government first about required documentation prior to registration.

Registration forms will be available in the November divco news and through the email address: divco2018buffalo@Gmail.com after the November divco news is published.

Upcoming events at Hamburg, NY, United States

Apprenticeship Journey in Energy Medicine for Personal Healing

Apprenticeship Journey in Energy Medicine for Personal Healing

Saturday 10:00am (24 March)
Hamburg, NY, United States, Hamburg