5th Annual 9/11 Silent Walk - Seventeen September’s Ago

5th Annual 9/11 Silent Walk - Seventeen September’s Ago


Start time: Tuesday 7:00am (11 September)


Our Story:

On 9/11/2013 Five Greater Charleston Area Firefighters were trying to think of a way to just do something, anything, to honor the 343 FDNY firefighters lost in 2001. In our community we saw that 9/11 was becoming just another day. Although it was not an official holiday no one we felt stopped on 9/11 in observance of the 2,977 lives lost that day, the world just seemed to "go on". For many that day is still filled with heartbreak, pain, and a grime reminded of why there are empty seats at the dinner table for the world does not simply just "go on”, for many it will always be Tuesday, September 11, 2001 FOREVER. For the last 5 Years many have joined the journey and decided to do something to show we had Not Forgotten and that the memories and feeling of that day still are and forever will be felt. It is on that sense of duty what is known as the 9/11 Silent Walk was created.

The 9/11 Silent Walk has grown every year since its inception in 2013. A tribute that began with just five firefighters from three different departments has grown to include Police, Fire, & EMS but most importantly the Community. The 9/11 Silent Walk is a Free Event for the Community and Emergency Services to Honor our Fallen.

Since 2013 over 4,000 participants have during The 9/11 Silent Walk to honor and remember the 2,977 victims lost as a result of the terrorist attacks that day. This tribute honors those lost then, and in the days, weeks, months, and years following the September 11, 2001 WTC attacks.