Active Shooter Level 2

Active Shooter Level 2


Start time: Saturday 9:00am (26 August)
End time: Sunday 5:00pm (27 August)


Most Active Shooter Training ends when the bad guy is eliminated, but the reality is the situation will continue for far longer than it takes to simply neutralize the threat.

If you do not carry a firearm, you can still be a valuable resource to help save lives. Most EMS protocols state medical responders must stage outside of the threat area and wait for the “all clear” signal before they can enter and start treating the injured. The result is wasted time where lives are lost.

This course will cover how to respond even before the scene is fully secure, and teach you how to operate in what is commonly referred to as the “Warm Zone”. We will cover how to triage and treat the injured, establish a staging area, how to set up an evacuation plan, and how to properly communicate all this to follow-on responders such that lives can be saved. You will learn how to do all of this while staying safe.

If you are a civilian we will cover what you can do if the responders cannot reach you, and how to help them once they do.

If you are a first responder, this course will give you valuable insights in how to respond yourself if you are off-duty, or will help you better establish proper procedures if your protocols allow for immediate response.

This course is primarily geared towards running scenarios which will be video taped, with after action review and critique in the classroom after each evolution. Airsoft will be used extensively for each scenario. The scenarios will require a mix of tactical and medical skills.

This course is fully applicable for Civilians, Fire Fighters, LEO, and EMS.

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