Burton Nightmare Bash (A celebration of Tim Burton)

Burton Nightmare Bash (A celebration of Tim Burton)


Start time: Friday 9:00pm (13 July)
End time: Saturday 2:00am (14 July)


What better way to celebrate Friday the 13th than by honoring with the King of the delightfully creepy, the pleasantly scary, and the wonderfully weird – Tim Burton – the master of all things....different.

During this one night party in Atlanta we encourage attendees to unleash their inner Burton and embrace the world of weird (and amazing). Costumes HIGHLY encouraged (but not required). Dress as a character from the world of Burton or improvise and create one that you just might see in his creepy yet beautiful world. Or wear an outfit inspired by the Burton world.

Yes, food will be served as well as an art show honoring Mr. Burton along with dancing (i.e. wear comfortable shoes to dance in!), giveaways, a charity drive, themed drink specials and much, much more!

* More details coming soon including location, time, drink specials, how to submit for the charity art show, etc. – STAY TUNED! *

....and no, Mr. Burton will not be in attendance but many of his creations will be!

(21+, non-smoking)

....but for now, get Friday the 13th (in July) in downtown Atlanta as an event you simply will not want to miss!

DISCLAIMER: This event is not affiliated with Tim Burton, Warner Bros, Disney or any of their affiliates.

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