Carnevale Fantastico: Italian Renaissance Festival 2018

Carnevale Fantastico: Italian Renaissance Festival 2018


Start time: Saturday 10:00am (05 May)
End time: Sunday 6:00pm (06 May)


Join everyone for a weekend of merriment set in the birthplace of the Renaissance, Italy. Immerse yourself in the culture and revel in the pageantry of one of the most beautiful settings in history, Renaissance Italy.

Sample a collection of regional wines and traditional beverages, savor a variety of Italian cuisine and laugh along with the classic comedy of Commedia Dell'Arte. Interact with historical characters showcasing the spectacular fashions of the Italian Renaissance. Enjoy traditional music and dance and dazzling displays of swordsmanship. Shop handcrafted wares and witness live demonstrations by the artisans.

More information to come!
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