I-ABC Intersectional Activist Book Collective: Gloria Anzaldua

I-ABC Intersectional Activist Book Collective: Gloria Anzaldua


Start time: Tuesday 6:00pm (07 November)
End time: Tuesday 11:00pm (07 November)


Center For Progress and Justice
1420 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe


Our November book is


A Spiderflower Collective sponsored project, i-ABC / Intersectional Activism Book Collective / Santa Fe is a monthly gathering of folkx who come together through books to explore the kinetic intersectionality of today's social justice activism. Curiosity, cooperation, and humility are our cornerstones. Held the first Tuesday of each month at the Southside Santa Fe Public Library.


Facilitated by Quintan Ana Wikswo, Bineh Ndefru and Alicia Marie Rencountre-Da Silva, i-ABC is free and open to the public. All reading levels welcomed! Life experience is of equal importance to formal education – books are written for all! There is no such thing as an ignorant question. No person is unqualified. Everybody is a core member of the collective!

Our non-hierarchical leadership & discussions, our selection of books & the process of how we discuss the books is a collaborative process.

We read the book over a month and mark pages and passages that resonate with us - intellectually, as well as emotionally. We also mark sectionst that confuse or anger us. We begin each meeting with everyone going around and reading their most meaningful passage, and then we enter a group discussion. Sometimes it's discomforting, sometimes it's challenging, it's always stimulating - our ground rules are to respect and listen to one another's opinions, and we are open to diverse and even divergent opinions as long as they are respectfully expressed.

Intersectionality = each of us all have hundreds of identities that create a complex, multidimensional person - race, gender, class, ethnicity, age, nationality, sexual orientation, dis/ability, ancestry, spirituality, education, language, heritage, & more. As we link each part of who we are, we find ourselves more connected.

In terms of social justice activism, this is an enormous transformation that fundamentally undermines discrimination, segregation, systemic injustices,bigotries and social inequalities targeted against a single group. Therefore, while we draw on a great passion for educating ourselves on the legacies, strategies, tactics, & successes of social justice movements - we also study their tendency to fracture under segregation, factionalism, silos, hierarchies, bigotries, and exclusion.


Our core value is INTERSECTIONALITY, focusing on accessible, compelling books written by visionary social justice activists.

In the spirit of curiosity and humility, we will explore intersectionality within our society. What is its power to transform our social fabric? How can our overlapping webs of race, gender, ethnicity, ideology, dis/ability, class, & other qualities define, confine, & mobilize us to build a more empathetic, just, & equitable society?

Through the texts, we will ask questions of ourselves and others. Encounter points of discomfort & communion. Share experiences & ignorances, prejudices and perspectives, & create ideas together that cause us to change, grow, & reach new insights.

The combination of intersectionality & social justice forms a powerful web of cooperative agency & collective advocacy, informed allies, inclusive leaders, and self-examination and critical thinking that deepens our practice of an enlightened society.


We will begin with a collectively assembled reading list. This will grow! At each meeting we will vote on the next book.

Several copies of each month’s book will be available at no cost or sliding scale. Afterwards, readers can donate their books to community organizations.

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