L'Etape California 2018

L'Etape California 2018


Start time: Saturday 10:00am (01 September)
End time: Sunday 7:00pm (02 September)


L’Etape California by Le Tour de France is a ride designed to challenge cyclists on a course comparable to an Alps Mountain stage of the world’s most well-known cycling race. The second L'Etape California by Le Tour de France will take riders on a scenic, hilly ride through the Sierra Foothills. Two route distances will be offered this year!

Riders will have two routes to pick from this year:
~90 miles, 7,500+ feet of elevation gain
~60 miles, 4,000+ feet of elevation gain

Both courses will take riders through some of the most beautiful riding California has to offer filled with crisp air, rolling hills and scenic views. Neither option will disappoint!