PlayLive Fullerton - Board Game Night

PlayLive Fullerton - Board Game Night


Start time: Wednesday 5:30pm (21 February)
End time: Wednesday 11:00pm (29 August)


PLAYlive Nation
581 North Commonwealth Avenue, Fullerton


Location: 581 N Commonwealth Avenue


OPTIONAL $5 buy-in
- People who pay entry will acquire board game currency
which can be used to bid on TONS of giveaways from MTG
packs to DnD sets and even high cost board games like
Ascension: Year Four Collector's edition, Grimslinger and
more already given away!

-Each time you play in a board game, you get a raffle ticket.
Whenever you WIN a board game, you will receive
between 1-3 tickets depending on the game.

-Prizes will be distributed throughout the event and will be
bought auction style using tickets earned from that day and
previous events!

-You may choose to accumulate tickets over the course of
multiple weeks and win bigger prizes at the end of each

Food: You can order Pizza Hut, Waba Grill, Jersey Mike's and Dog Haus directly through us and they deliver for no extra cost! Come hungry!

So come in and play some unique board games and win some sweet prizes!

Full board game list:
Boss Monster
Boss Monster 2
Mage Wars (nearly every printed card/deck)
Warhammer Quest (Co-op card game)
Sentinels of the Multiverse (with expansions)
Legends of Andor (2-4 player co-op RPG board game)
Clank! (Deck building, dungeon crawler)
Blood RAge
Lords of Waterdeep (With expansions)
The Legend of Drzzzt (DnD board game)
Cards Against Humanity (With expansions 1-6)
Exploding Kittens
We Didn't Playtest This At All (Hilarious game)
Ultimate Werewolf (5-20 players RP game)
The Resistance
Beer Crafters (Beer crafting board game)
Settlers of Catan (with 5-6 player expansion)
Dominion (Classic deck building game)
Descent (5 player RPG board game)
Mage Knight (Complex RPG board game)
Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 (Co-op game about diseases)
Scythe (competitive game about industrial revolution going to war)
Gloomhaven DEMO (my copy of the game, you can demo the first arch of this expansive RPG board game)
Hotshots (co-op firefighter board game)
Dresden Files (very hard and very quick co-op card game)
MTG: Explorer's of Ixalan (MTG board game - no decks required - all included)
Betrayal at Baldur's Gate (DnD variation of Betrayal at House on the Hill)
Mice and Mystics (Fast-paced RPG-story driven board game)
Talisman the Magical Quest Game
Ascension: Year One Collector's Edition
Ascension: Year Two Collector's Edition
Ascension: Year Three Collector's Edition
Ascension: Year Four Collector's Edition

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