RAVE from the GRave

RAVE from the GRave


Start time: Sunday 10:00pm (02 September)
End time: Monday 4:00am (03 September)


Sunday night ( prior to Labor Day 2018 ) is RAVE from the GRave - The Revolution. We are going UNDERGROUND & we have booked a semi A LARGE VENUE so get ready FINALLY!! This will take place close to DOWNTOWN Grand Rapids.

Sponsor's : Playboy & PLAYBOY Energy Drink, Bacardi , BuzzBallz , Crafthouse Cocktails, DeLeĆ³n Tequila, Parrot Bay, Q Drinks, Stillhouse, Swiss Mountain Coffee, UV Vodka, Viniq, Sparkling Nuvo - Official Page, Xellent Vodka, & The Community Voice-La Voz Magazine

3 or 4 stages - 1 Hour DJ's rotation ( solo & then pair rotations ) & YES a light show of glow like you have NOT seen since Raveageddon.