Stop the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Stop the School-to-Prison Pipeline


Start time: Tuesday 6:00pm (19 September)
End time: Tuesday 8:00pm (27 March)


Justice That Works is a grassroots organization dedicated to ending mass incarceration in Arizona. We are based in Phoenix, and focus our efforts around education at the school and community levels, as well as in policy advocacy at the city and state levels.

Join us Tuesdays at Mesa Public Library, Dobson Ranch Branch, from 6-8 PM (((in the far left corner of the building))) to learn how you can get involved, to be part of the conversation about disrupting and dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline, and to take an active role in fostering a transformative justice that respects, honors, and upholds the humanity of each and every one of us.

Once a month JTW will be hosting Prison Industrial Complex, Mass Incarceration, School-to-Prison Pipeline, and Police history teach-ins for those of us who are interested in becoming more well informed (TBD).

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