True Cellular Detox

True Cellular Detox


Start time: Sunday 3:00pm (22 October)
End time: Sunday 4:30pm (22 October)


Blue Anjou Studio
427 W Main St, Lewisville



Those suffering from seemingly unexplainable and unrelated symptoms and chronic health conditions like:

- Weight-Loss Resistance

- Depression

- Sleep Disturbances

- Irritability

- Mood Swings

- Brain Fog

- Chronic Fatigue

...are very likely experiencing cellular toxicity?

In fact, TOXINS are oftentimes the UNDERLYING CAUSE and getting to the ROOT CAUSE of these health concerns is crucial to the healing process.

Here’s The Truth:

The Modern World is FLOODED with Toxins... From the GMOs, preservatives, pesticides and additives plaguing our food supply to the chemicals, hormones and metals found lurking in our water (and not to mention the scary ingredients hiding in common personal care and household items).

Discover how these toxins disrupt hormones, energy pathways, skin, body and mind and obtain a True Detoxification Roadmap.

We are experts in customizing thorough nutrition & detox plans for every individual. Too many people are doing health the way it was done 20 years ago. We now live in the most toxic time in human history and people need to be taking care of their health for the world we live in now. Conditions such as menopause, cancer, hypothyroidism, hormone imbalances, and depression are happening at younger and younger ages. There is so much that we can do as women to control the direction of our own health and avoid these diagnoses.

Here is what you will learn at this event:

- How and which toxins cause cellular inflammation and toxicity
- How to balance your hormones with diet and detox

- How to create a toxic-free lifestyle that is easy to implement in even the bussiest of families

- Why you are starting to put on weight at 40's and how to reverse it quickly

- How to improve your health while still making your family a top priority

- The secret to how to create a personalized detox plan that boosts your happiness hormones and eliminates the imbalance

The reasons to detox are great, but this program in particular is designed with strength to target weight-loss resistance and treat thyroid and autoimmune conditions.

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