West Virginia Pumpkin Festival Helicopter Rides

West Virginia Pumpkin Festival Helicopter Rides


Start time: Thursday 12:00pm (05 October)
End time: Sunday 5:00pm (08 October)


October 5,6,7,8th we will be in Milton West Virginia(very close to Huntington WV) at the WV Pumpking Festival offering helicopter rides to the festival goers. The rides will be around 5 mins long and the cost is $35/person cash or credit.

-Exact times will be posted in the discussion page when known.
-weight limit per passenger is 250 lbs
-Max weight for all 3 passengers is 550
-Prefer children older than 2 years old and all minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during purchase of ticket and present for ride.
-Online ticket purchase is non-refundable if patron can not participate. Ticket is refundable if helicopter can't fly due to act of god circumstances (weather, maintenance, etc).
-Online Ticket holder should report to ride booth and you will be placed in line.
- Online Ticket holder is responsible for getting there at a reasonable time to ensure they get to ride in the event times posted.
-There will be no refunds if the Online ticket holder can't ride within the time frame of the event. Sometimes wait times can be over an hour or two longer. Its the respnosniblity of ticket holder to get there in time to ensure they plan for wait times.

- If you don't purchase an online ticket no worries we sell tickets at the event first come first serve

message us with questions! we look forward to seeing you