International Women’s Strike Solidary Event
International Women’s Strike Solidary Event

International Women’s Strike Solidary Event

When And Where?

January 21, 2017, 10:00 AM EST

Washington, D.C.

Why a Women’s Strike?

  1. This year our political demands will stretch further and more far reaching than ever before. The pandemic has brought forth the serious issues women’s campaigns have been fighting for millennium: dismantling the patriarchy, opening up opportunity for the less fortunate, and creating a social safety net that cares for women, men, and children.
  2. Promises made by governments and previous administrations of equality, peace, and development for all women have not been kept, and women and girls suffer the consequence of bad government policy, and terrible social norms. Girls from all over the world must not face discrimination and intimidation.
  3. International Women’s Day is where women through multiple generations have gotten out of the house to protest and fight, putting their lives in danger to stick up for their natural and fundamental freedoms. Today, we honor that history as we try to gain more attention for issues plaguing women throughout the world.
  4. The right to get out and strike is an effective way to gai the attention of passing traffic and to gain the attention of media outlets like television, radio, and newspapers. When powerful movements take to the streets, they can force change where it is needed. Strikes form solidarity between groups and play an effective role in dismantling the patriarchy.

What Is a Strike?

  1. LEAVE work during the day. If you would like, you can not show up at your workplace as form of protest. Make sure to alert management what you are doing.
  2. DO NOT do any daily house work. Leave the dishes, dirty laundry, domestic chores, to a male partner or ally to show solidarity with the women marching across the world.
  3. TAKE IT SLOW as a form of protest. If you can’t leave work or completely stop working for the day, moving slowly is another valuable option to shop solidarity.
  4. MEET with other women and rally together to bring awareness to this special day. Meet with all allies including men, queer allies, and all those in your communities that will help speak out and make change.